10 Girly things which irritate your guy


New Delhi, 26 May: There are many things that generally girls do in their daily lives but don’t realise that people are getting irritated with it. These characteristics can become a barrier in your life especially if you are committed to someone.

So it’s time to understand that you need to stop that, as it can make your guy irritated and gradually it may create differences between in your relation.

1. Crying on every fightCrying

Don’t behave like a helpless woman all the time. As girls known for crying and showing emotions. But do not break down on every time even on petty issues. If you do so, after some time you will realise that your partner is ignoring your tears as he has become habitual of this drama again and again. So avoid that before it becomes too late!

2. Coming latelate

Yeah ..it is said that coming late increases your preference but it’s not true for all the time. Every time getting late due to any reason can irritate your partner. Also, it spoils the mood of your partner because of waiting so long for you. So next time beware of going late.

3. Make up all timemake up

No doubt girls look stunning in makeup but putting that shining colours or your dark red cheeks sometimes become the matter of fun. So don’t go everywhere with fully make up. Sometimes try to go simple which will influence and enhance your look naturally.

4. Stop being kiddishKiddish

Girls always like to be pampered. But behaving every time like a child makes everyone irritated. There are many times when you have to act like a mature person. It’s always better to live in practical life rather than any fantasy as not all boys can bear your kiddish talks every time.

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5. Interruptingpoking

Girls have always a habit of putting their nose in between the group talks and they are always curious to know all the things even which are not of their matter but still they want to know. It’s better to avoid this and don’t disturb your guy when he is with his friends or colleagues as he might feel embarrassing because of you.

6. Asking for shoppingShopping

The thing which all girls love the most. But actually, mostly boys found it really uninteresting as it makes them tired of roaming around all the shops, in fact going each and every corner of the market and trying all the attires one by one. So don’t ask boys for shopping.

7. Back bitchingBack bitching

The girls favourite time pass or a favourite matter of talk is back bitching. When two girls stand together they always have a point of talking about the other girl which guys don’t like. So if you are trying to share the same with your partner then never do that as boys don’t like it at all, instead, it makes them annoying.

8. Giving lecturesCouple Having Argument At Home

Yes..Girls always have long written messages, lessons, speeches on every issue which are automatically saved in their memory but actually boys don’t like lengthy conversations on a single topic, exaggerating the matter or sticking on the same thing.

9. Don’t poke all the timedisturbing

Girls remain so insecure when it comes to their relationship and just to keep their guy with them they always poke him. Whether through message or number of calls. They don’t allow their partner to concentrate on a single thing as they keep on disturbing them and asking to talk all the time with their unending topics. These things don’t provide a space to a person and also disturbing. So allow your guy to do work also and don’t call or message him all the time.

10. Asking for pick and dropCalling

When it’s the matter of women power, girls have a number of points to speak out but if they want to go somewhere alone they have the just option of their boyfriends. Never depend all the time on your guy to pick and drop. He might be busy or have any other work stuff. So don’t force him all the time to take you up like a baby and leaving to your home. Be independent and smart enough to go on your own.

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These are some of the behaviour which we practice in our daily lives. But it’s time for girls to understand and stop irritating others with the irrelevant things.

– Shivangi Raghav

Wefornews Bureau
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