1 bn Yahoo accounts on sale, rather hacking charges: Media


San Francisco, March 18 : One billion Yahoo accounts are on sale at $200,000,  a media report has said.

The dates of birth, telephone numbers and security questions could still be useful to an adept cyberthief but the passwords are not working, a New York Times report said.

Four Russian men, two hackers and two intelligence officers responsible for a 2014 intrusion into Yahoo’s systems that affected 500 million user accounts, US Federal prosecutors unsealed charge against them.

Despite this, data on one billion accounts – stolen in another attack on the company in 2013 – appeared to remain available on underground hacker forums on Friday, the NYT report added.

The authorities were unresponsive about their investigation of the 2013 attack, the largest known contravention of a private company’s computer systems.

The 2014 hacking of Yahoo’s servers is the second largest.

“We’re not willing to comment right now if there is a connection between the two investigations,” Malcolm Palmore, who oversees the Federal Bureau of Investigation’s cybersecurity division in San Francisco, said on Wednesday in a brief interview.


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