Goldie Hawn was quizzed about her return to acting

Goldie Hawn


Los Angeles, May 12: When veteran actress Goldie Hawn returned to face the camera after a 15-year hiatus, she was quizzed by her “Snatched” director if she was confident.

The 71-year-old, who essays the role of actress Amy Schumer’s on screen mother Linda Middleton in the comedy action movie, was asked numerous questions about her acting ability by director Jonathan Levine, reports

“There were natural questions that I think we all had, and I was asking them to the point that I think I was embarrassing Amy. Just, like, ‘Why haven’t you worked in so long? What do you think the challenges of going back to work will be? Do you think you’ll be able to learn lines?,” Levine said.

Levine says he was unsure if Hawn would be able to cope with starring in a contemporary film.

“The scary thing for me, as a director, was not knowing if Goldie was used to what it was like to make a movie in 1992,” he added.

But the “The Banger Sisters” actress hinted that she feels honoured to be cast in the production at her age.

“I’m not new on the block, so I know what goes on when a gal gets to be at a certain time in her life in this business. You don’t get things like this. But look what I got. I got Amy and me together in, basically, a two-people movie. How awesome to not play an ancillary role? It was an awesome way to re-enter.”



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